For College Students

For College Students

Know who your friends are--and their reputations. If you ride or party with friends, you should view this video (seriously!) to protect your rights, just in case they have habits of which you may not be aware:
Police Encounters of the School/Career-Ending Kind

Protect your own constitutional rights, especially in your home and vehicle. Passengers or party guests need to know what you know from the video, so pass it on--and NOT after the fact!

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Student Health Insurance - Check out these benefits!
- $1,000,000 total coverage at savings of 60-75% vs. traditional major medical plans.
- Freedom to choose your own doctors.
- Travels with you if you change schools anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.
- Renewable even after graduation.
- Guaranteed acceptance for any eligible full time college or grad students.
- Renewable Student Health Insurance as low as $53 a month.
- Up to $1 million total protection at savings of 60-75%.

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Better memorize this video if Mom's not coming along to college!