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Before further discussion, I would like to speak to prevention. One of the easiest, least expensive ways to help prevent cancer is to supplement with vitamin D and/or get plenty of sunshine. In fact, new research shows vitamin D slashes risk of cancers by 77 percent--more bad news for the cancer industry. Recently, it was reported that those receiving their cancer diagnosis in summer had a better prognosis. We believe there is a direct correlation to the available sunlight--so get out in the fresh air and gradually build up your sun exposure. Canada has begun their initiative of cancer prevention, recommending vitamin D supplementation. If you are black, just ASSUME you are vitamin D deficient if you are living in the US or Canada! The melanin in your skin protects your skin from UV rays, which in turn blocks adequate vitamin D production at these high latitudes. Dark skin only makes adequate vitamin D at latitudes nearer the Equator. Consequently, the highest rates of breast cancer are in black women at higher latitudes! In the US, the majority of both black and white pregnant women have been found to be vitamin D-deficient and give birth to vitamin D-deficient babies--despite taking pre-natal vitamins!

You will be resistant to sunburn if you make sure you are getting adequate essential fatty acids and eating berries for their antioxidant properties--natural protection against burning! As it turns out, the omega-3 fats are protective against inflammation, so they have additional benefits in preventing cancer (scroll down to see the Budwig Diet).

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and still have menstrual cycles, it has been suggested that you time the surgery to the luteal phase of your cycle, NOT the follicular. Your surgeon will be able to determine this for you, but you must ask. Here is an article you can print out for the surgeon: Timing Surgery with Post-Ovulatory Phase.

Many of my patients know that I would like to see thermography in a more prominent place in breast cancer detection--for many reasons. Click HERE for more information about this painless, early detection method. Canada has been using this technology for over 25 years--I know because I attended a Toronto conference about it in the early 80s. Chiropractic regularly uses infrared technology to detect acute and chronic muscle problems, but there are "interests" in this country that have largely inhibited wide availability of thermograms for cancer detection.

Added May/09: I have recently been looking into Anvirzel, a trademarked product that is an internationally-patented non-toxic aqueous extract of Nerium oleander. [Before i continue, the leaves of the plant are extremely toxic, so do not go out and buy--or touch--one of the plants.] You can read about how to get Anvirzel by clicking here. It went through Phase I studies and an abstract of findings from the Cleveland Clinic study was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology in 2001.

Many have also asked about the "Grape Cure". The information on the philosophy and variations of this approach can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, you have probably been inundated with everyone's advice. Perhaps you are at this site to get just one more opinion.

Because of the overwhelming job it is to research your own case, I will recommend to you what I would do in the event I had cancer. Of course, you will have to decide what is best for you, in consultation with your own healthcare professional. The following books are incredible resources. Just click on a book in the gallery for more information about it or to purchase it:

Pay special attention to the book outlining Dr. Johanna Budwig's protocol using cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. As an aside, the fatty acids in this diet will help you tolerate sunlight exposure to make your own vitamin D! Isn't the synergy that God built into the creation of the human body wonderful!

For those like me, who like to watch a procedure to learn it, click here for a video demonstration of the cottage cheese-flaxseed oil-ground flaxseed preparation used for the Budwig diet. For more Budwig diet videos, click here.

There is a book by Ty Bollinger that may be helpful with respect to concerns about chemotherapy and the cancer industry: Click Here!

There is research showing the benefits of I3C (Indole 3 carbinol) in controlling the growth of breast cancer cells, whether estrogen dependent or independent. So eat your brassica vegetables..... you know, like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. If you are at high risk for breast cancer, the following books are ESSENTIAL READING. They outline how to keep track of your risk through specific lab tests and improve your estrogen ratios with diet and supplementation based on the I3C research.

Following the information in the gallery of books above, I often recommend Vital Immunity from Progressive Labs, which contains (quadruple-strength) broccoli sprouts, milk thistle, DIM and I3C--all in one supplement. You may call us for more info on obtaining this. Before you wear the pink ribbon, read the article, Breast Cancer Deception. While I don't agree with the entire article, it certainly makes the case that the fund-raising efforts for cancer are questionable in their goals. It will be quite an eye-opener, I think.

For a comprehensive discussion and recommendations for your particular type of cancer, I would order the appropriate report from Ralph Moss, PhD that pertained to my diagnosis--there are currently over 200 reports available. At present, the report can be downloaded for $297 or mailed for $350. If you look at a sample Table of Contents, I think you will see why I believe it is worth the cost, which includes periodic e-mail updates to your report. Additionally, Moss Report clients have an opportunity to schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Moss to help them narrow their options.

Even if you are unable to purchase a report at this time, they offer a Free Newsletter with important, new information. Review some of the archived newsletters for a preview of the type of information you will receive. [Note: I receive no commission of any type for report purchases or referrals.]

I would also consult one of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for diagnostic work and treatment, as they provide both conventional and alternative methods, including nutrition, and address the spiritual aspects of fighting cancer.
MORE BOOKS.... Just click on them for more info.

If you have lost too much weight or are losing it at a very fast rate, consider:

"Dr. Joseph Gold of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute of New York has been fighting years for acceptance of this virtually side effect free, non toxic therapy despite the reluctance of more rigid, conventionally entrenched, orthodox practitioners who now may be taking another look at the results in both America and abroad." Alcohol and barbiturates are strictly prohibited from use when taking Hydrazine Sulfate.

There are many other dietary recommendations I would follow, such as drinking green tea, eating cruciferous vegetables, as well as using specific food supplements.
Turmeric has been shown to be a great adjunct to liver function.
Warning: Do not use turmeric/curcumin if you are pregnant, nursing, or on prescription antibiotics, anticoagulants/anti-platelet drugs or have gall bladder disease.

It is reported that shark cartilage may be helpful in starving tumors by curtailing new blood vessel growth. It may also help with wet macular degeneration because of this effect. DaVinci Labs sells very high quality shark cartilage in capsules. You may click here to order Shar-trix from them directly. Unfortunately, they no longer carry the powder form, which we mixed with vegetable juice, so the number of capsules required is daunting. [CAUTION: If you are pregnant, nursing a baby or recovering from surgery or have a heart/circulatory condition, consult a health care professional before using shark cartilage.] Avastin is a drug that works on the same basis--inhibiting new blood vessel formation to the tumor--but many have been denied this treatment by their insurance companies because of its cost--$5,000/injection--and injections must be repeated every 3 weeks!

It's about time we stopped running for the cure and took action:
Before you are taken in by the American Cancer Society hype about running for the cure, please click on The American Cancer Society - The World's Wealthiest "Non-Profit" Institution. Before you wear a pink ribbon, remember that every time you see one you are placing the thought of "breast cancer" into your thoughts--this is not the message you want for your nervous system to repeat over and over, and it is a fundraiser for entities that are already wealthy off of the cancer epidemic. If you want to wear a ribbon, wear and give a blue one--honor the people around you, not a system that promotes running (huh?!) for the cure, instead of an all-out dissemination of useful preventive information, and plays on the sentiments of fear and sorrow to raise money for exclusive and discriminatory interests.

If you have cancer, remember these words of wisdom:
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight,
it's the size of the fight in the dog."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)

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