Details coming soon.....but here is a summary of the products we use most.

Anxiety, nervousness, frustration, and/or mental exhaustion:
Click here, then enter the word "serenity" in the search box in the upper right corner of the page to read more or order this new product. It comes in a pleasant-tasting chewable form, sweetened with stevia, so even diabetics can use it without concern. (Research showed it to be as effective as a leading pharmaceutical, but without the drowsiness or other side effects.)

Depending on the situation, we also use the following:

SAMe (with folic acid) - Can begin to relieve depression in just 2 days (not the usual 2 week wait experienced with anti-depressant drugs). Not to be used with bipolar disorder without physician supervision, as it may cause hypomania/mania. This is also a wonderful choice for people with arthritic-type problems because the "side effects" are that it also provides sulfur for the joints! Sulfur is also used by the body for its detoxification process.

l-Theanine - an extract derived from green tea that increases brain alpha waves, the waves associated with being awake, calm and focused. It is, therefore, helpful in anxiety.

dl-Phenylalanine - also helpful with chronic pain (must not be used by those with phenylketonuria & is contraindicated if high blood pressure exists)

High EPA omega-3 fatty acid supplements - helpful in bipolar disorder in conjunction with meds at a dose of 5 grams per day in divided dose or all at bedtime. (Note: Do not use fish liver oil in this dose, as you will exceed safe levels of vitamin A. You also must not use this dose if you are taking blood thinners or aspirin, as it will also hinder clotting by decreasing platelet stickiness.

Consult your health professional before beginning new supplements, especially if you are currently on any medication.

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