It is smarter to raise healthy children than to repair damaged adults.
It is smarter to raise healthy children than to repair damaged adults.

Just one more reason to breastfeed. Read about the dangers to infants of fluoride in water. Never mix infant formula with fluoridated water.

Article and New Video: Chiropractors Treating Kids to Fight Infections

Thimerosal is the mercury-based preservative that has been linked to the epidemic of neurological disorders including speech delays, language delays, hyperactivity, attention-deficit disorder, and autism in American children born after 1989. CDC recommended the removal of thimerosal from children's vaccines by 2001, but most flu vaccinations still contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal in every 0.5ml dose. Under CDC's new
recommendations, every American child under five will be injected once each year, with a double dose for first-timers. By his fifth birthday, a child whose parents cannot obtain the child-safe vaccine will have received up to 100 micrograms of thimerosal, which is half ethyl mercury. A recent scientific study indicates that many children will retain the tissue-destroying toxin in their brain and organs for years. CDC has moved aggressively to cut funding and derail follow-up studies that examine the impacts of retained mercury in children's brains.
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Click here to read the article about a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics which showed that the more education a parent has, the more likely they are to utilize chiropractic care for their children.

Top reasons for seeking chiropractic care for children were: respiratory, ear, nose, throat, digestive and allergy complications, as well as muscular pain and prevention of illness.

Interestingly, Blue Cross Blue Shield recently notified doctors that they would not cover care under the age of 14, claiming chiropractic care for children was experimental....guess that must be the longest experiment in history!

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We are happy to help you with nutritional concerns with respect to your children. This generation of children is overweight, but poorly nourished--the Guinea pigs of food manufacturers promoting "taste and texture" over healthy ingredients.

Here are some suggestions:
1) Pack your child's school lunch. Do not use all the pre-packaged convenience items. Take the time to give them something worthwhile.
2) Provide whole fruit for your child instead of juices. This way all the benefits of the fruit are realized instead of the concentrated sugars.
3) Provide some fermented foods, especially plain yogurt embellished with your own fruit. We like to use Spectra Reds powder from DaVinci Labs to mix in. It provides dozens of fruit nutrients and antioxidants without adding extra sugar content to the yogurt.
4) Provide real milk if it is available. Some farm co-ops may have cow share programs for those living in areas where raw milk cannot be sold. Pasteurization destroys "anti-stiffness factor" found in the cream portion of the milk and makes it a "dead" food. Homogenization releases xanthine oxidase from being bound in the milk. It can then be absorbed and is known to damage the lining of arteries. (Yikes!) Non-homogenized milk is preferred for this reason. It is quite widely available--also known as natural milk, it has the cream on top.
5) Replace your peanut butter if it is not natural or organic. Don't be fooled by the "low fat" advertising--they still contain modified or less healthy fats in them. We like Krema, Koeze, or our newest discovery, organic peanut butter from "Full Circle" with organic palm oil which provides essential fatty acids, carotenoids, and tocotrienols--and does not separate (yippee!)
6) Do not use low fat, modified fat, or non-fat dressings for salads. The fat-soluble vitamins in the veggies cannot be absorbed properly without some fat. Olive oil is a good base for dressings. Avoid canola oil, as well as corn and seed oils (processing, instability, too high in omega 6s).

Just when you thought you were beginning to understand the oil controversy..... click here for a must-read about the superiority of palm and coconut oils.

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