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The Not-So-Friendly Great Debate
The Not-So-Friendly Great Debate

It has been interesting over the years that, when I am engaged in conversation with laypersons about nutrition, they often assume I am vegetarian or vegan & that I would support these as the best diets. They are generally shocked (some even angry) that not only am I not a meat basher, but that I actually advise AGAINST these dietary lifestyles. One reason is the research, as it clearly indicates that among the 5 longest living population groups in history, not one was vegan or vegetarian.

I am also amused by the way some vegans have declared to me their dietary stance. "I'm a [pause, switch to a breathy, spiritual tone] vegan." Okay, enough vegan bashing.....

Instead of going on & on here, I will refer the reader to a site that is extraordinary, not only in its discussion about this, but about dietary health practices in general.

Click on the link below if you are not afraid of changing your meatless dietary paradigm to one based on a truthful investigation of the facts.
Weston A. Price Foundation Veg Tour

And if you think I've stacked the cards in my favor, maybe you'll trust information about the superiority of animal protein sources as described in Indiana State's Medical Biochemistry Page on on Digestion and Amino Acids, both essential and non-essential: "The biological value of dietary proteins is related to the extent to which they provide all the necessary amino acids. Proteins of animal origin generally have a high biological value; plant proteins have a wide range of values from almost none to quite high. In general, plant proteins are deficient in lysine, methionine, and tryptophan and are much less concentrated and less digestible than animal proteins." This explains why many children in third world countries, living on a dietary mainstay of cereal proteins, develop kwashiorkor.

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