Organic Whole Foods vs. GMO

Organic Whole Foods vs. GMO
 All things may be permissible, but not all things are beneficial.   I Cor. 6:12
All things may be permissible, but not all things are beneficial. I Cor. 6:12

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Organic vs. Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods

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"There have been no long-term safety studies involving humans, and there's growing evidence that genetically engineered foods may pose a national health risk."
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Criminalizing Organic Farms
The Stowers Tesll Their Story

Click here to read testimony to the EPA in May of 2007 about genetically modified foods and Bt-toxin. "Documents now public from a lawsuit reveal that the consensus among FDA scientists was that GM foods might promote allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. They had urged superiors to require long-term safety studies. These warnings were ignored, even denied, and the FDA has no required safety testing."

You can determine if your produce is GMO by looking at the sticker plastered on the fruit or vegetable. These little stickers contain different PLU codes that tell you whether the fruit was conventionally grown, organically grown, or genetically engineered. (PLU stands for Price Look Up, and is a standard number in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.) The PLU code for conventionally grown fruit consists of four numbers, organically grown fruit is five numbers prefaced by the number 9, and GMO fruit is five numbers but prefaced by the number 8.

For example:

A conventionally grown PLU would be 4446
An organically grown PLU would be 94446
And a genetically modified PLU would be 84446

Click here for reviews of "Dinner at the New Gene Cafe" and order a copy.

For those patients who do not have ready access to certified organic foods and for those who do not pay adequate attention to their eating habits, but who recognize the inferiority of synthetic vitamins, Standard Process supplements are foundational. Their web site is a wonderful source of information on the importance of whole food supplementation versus the dangers of taking isolated, fractionated, synthetic vitamins. Standard Process founder, Dr. Royal Lee, was a visionary, having researched and identified the importance of whole food supplementation as a source of vitamin complexes and organically-bound minerals more than 75 years ago when the practice of using synthetic fertilizers became mainstream. For a copy of their comprehensive Symptom Survey, contact us.

Click here for an interesting article on commercially-produced milk, called "What's in Your Milk?"

DaVinci Laboratories has taken supplementation science to a whole new level, announcing the ability to determine individual supplement needs from an analysis of a genetic sampling easily obtained from swabbing the inside of the cheek. The analysis determines individual needs for increased support in the areas of Oxidative Stress, Heart & Circulatory Stress, Detoxification, Immune Health, and Bone Health based on known genetic factors. DaVinci Labs has introduced formulas to correlate with the results of this genetic analysis for individual needs. If you live in the area, contact us for more information. You can have the testing performed for only $45 through our office.

If you are a current patient or live within driving distance of our office, you may save on shipping by ordering supplements directly through our office. Review products at their respective web sites, then use our request form to list your order. We will contact you when your order arrives. You may also order by phone.

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  • Standard Process Products

Standard Process was founded by the famous Dr. Royal Lee, who was a visionary in the field of nutrition. Many of the so-called "new" discoveries in nutrition have already been described in his research papers from over 50 years ago. Standard Process products are available after a Symptom Survey evaluation, as many of the products have gland extracts included for additional efficacy. Please e-mail us or call for this survey. We will send you the forms with instructions.
  • DaVinci Laboratories

DaVinci Labs have a large variety of specialty formulas and individual nutrient products. They hold a number of patents for their nutritional innovation and even offer products in their Genessentials line to coordinate with an individual's specific genet ic make-up. No blood test required--just a swab of the inside of the cheek!
  • Glyconutritionals

Unlike vitamin or mineral products, these contain glycoprotein complexes that enable the body's cells to fully communicate with one another---much like we use the alphabet to write words. This helps the body identify "self" from foreign substances, as we ll as to help cells signal individual needs--such as nutrient requirements, protection from invaders, and even necessary modifications of genetic expression.