If you have already been a patient in Dr. Lancaster's office, you know that she has justifiably been accused of being able to talk about anything!

Drawing from twenty-eight years as a wife, as the mom of four grown sons, and as a passionate advocate for genuine, affordable health care delivery since 1981, Dr. Lancaster is available to public and private schools, churches, and community service organizations as a speaker for meetings & workshops. From nutrition to husbands & teenagers, her broad experience will inform, inspire and encourage. Add to this a dry sense of humor and you have a pleasant surprise for any group suffering from repeated exposure to monotone presentations of facts and figures. While most groups consult her for health topics, she has also written a booklet about home organization techniques that provide for fun and discipline--a treasure of ideas and methods learned the hard way!

A broad list of challenging topics includes:
o Chiropractic Medicine & the American Family: Common sense healthcare wisdom
o Mommyhood 101: Restoring the hand that rocks the cradle
o Detoxification in an effective weight loss protocol
o Infant concerns after caesarean section birth: Digestion, allergies and asthma
o Nutrition and behavioral health
o Functional foods—sharing Hippocrates’ vision
o Vaccination issues:
o The Truth about Osteoporosis
o MRSA and C.Diff.: avoiding antibiotic-induced nightmares
o Far infrared sauna and light therapies
o Brain Nutrition: adjunctive nutrients for TBI, depression, behavioral disorders, & addiction
o Depression and positive ion poisoning
o Cholesterol mythology
o Autism: Non-drug adjuncts to address digestive, metabolic, and cognitive challenges

Her interest in molecular biology and information theory have resulted in a new presentation, Science vs. Evolution: The growing, irrefutable, scientific support for intelligent design & the existence of God. This presentation explains how advances in physics, astronomy, and information technology debunk basic evolutionary theory, the assumptions of which have insidiously hindered advances in medical research.

Elementary science teachers appreciate her hands-on classroom workshops, starring friendly micro-organisms. Another hands-on presentation helps children understand the importance of the nervous system to overall health and healing. Kids also love her healthy snack demonstration and her "Uncookbook ©"--a kid at heart, she dynamically engages the mind and imagination.

If any of these topic possibilities interest you, please enter your contact information below, including the name of your group, a topic request, and the date of your gathering in the "Comments" section, so that we can discuss your specific needs by phone or e-mail.